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Small Lady

"I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams." -W.B. Yeats, The Cloths of Heaven
Tsukino Usagi-Chibiusa

Kawaii! Tres Kawaii! Her expression, the outfit, Diana's head peeking out..and the daises match my background quite well, ne? ^.~

Chibiusa is one of those characters that normally, people really like or really cannot stand. I myself am not partial to Chibiusa's character at all. However, while most people believe her to be a brat (me included), she has those really cute moments. I give Chibiusa a lot of credit for strength. For such a little girl, she has been through so much, and has been forced to mature far sooner than most children. Chibiusa has witnessed such horror in her lifetime, and yet has always fought to remain optimistic. Such an example is in the SMR Movie; Chibiusa tells Luna that everything will be allright, becuase Sailor Moon is everyone's mother. Although she may not show it, Chibiusa has a lot of faith and gratitude in Usagi. Many despise Chibiusa for her "hatred" toward Usagi-her own mother-but I believe what she is feeling is far less than that. In the 20th century, Chibiusa simply views Usagi not as her mother, but as an idiotic, clumsy teenaged girl (I can't say I blame her sometimes ^.~) and in turn, Usagi views Chibiusa not as her daughter, but as an equally idiotic, bratty little girl who is out to steal her boyfriend. Usagi and Chibiusa are so alike, that their personalities clash, causing them to act like battling sisters. However, Chibiusa and Usagi will always share their bond of motherhood and daughterhood. Now if only we can work on Chibiusa keeping her hands off of Mamoru...-_-*
Sailor Chibimoon

Sailor ChibiMoon! Again, tres kawaii!

Sailor Chibimoon, I must admit, is not always the greatest asset to the Sailor team. I myself, am NOT a fan of Chibimoon. I cannot stand her henshin..all those damn pink hearts and the constant chanting of "chibimoon! chibimoon!!" just doesn't appeal to me. And while her Pink Sugar Heart Attack is very amusing to watch (especially when she's trying to get it work), it's hardly useful in a real battle. However, she is only a senshi in training, so I suppose her attacks are expected to be unimpressive. I do give her credit for trying. She tries awful hard to fight as well as the other senshi, and become a real warrior. Like Sailor Moon, she can control the power of the ginzuishou (as seen in her fight against the Death Phantom) and has proven to have more strength than is shown.
Princess Serenity/Small Lady

Doesn't she look graceful and adult? That profile is amazing...beautiful, like her mother ^.^

Much is not known about Chibiusa in her princess form, which I like to call Small Lady (mainly becuase this is what she is addressed as in Crystal Tokyo). Small Lady is a dreamer. Her most undying dream is to become a real lady, like her mother, Neo Queen Serenity. Small Lady wants someone to love, a wonderful romance that she sees within her mother and father. I used the quote above, becuase Small Lady has such a fragile soul, made from her dreams of the future.
**May the stars guide you in your journey**