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Greetings, my name is Derek McDohl, or as most of you know me as The Obsidian Rose. Why Obsidian Rose? Basically its my nome de plume, or pen name. It is meant to represent beauty, strength and darkness. In any event welcome to my little personal C-S page. Special Thanks to my girl friend and html wizard Tiffany Wood for helping me doing this for me.

Name: Derek McDohl

AIM Name: ObsidnRose



CS Alias: [LKM818-ex].ObsidanRose

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Occupation: College Student

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Marital Status: in long-term relationship

Interests: counterstrike, reading, writing, my girlfriend, computers, anime, role playing, leisure sports

Obsidian Rose lookin cool
me and my beautiful girlfriend
thanks for visiting! cheers!