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Chikara no Hana-Flower of Strength

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."-Ralph Vaull Starr
Kino Makoto

Mako's hair color is radient, ne? such a pretty auburn...such a cheerful face! ^.^ooh i just love her school uniform!

Mako is another one i really like, mainly becuase she's just as misunderstood as Ami (who is also up there on my list ^.^). Mako is known for her reputation of fighting, and this leads her to have few friends outside the circle of the inner senshi. While she may seem like a tough streetgirl on the outside, on the inside she's gentle and a beautiful person. I choose the above name for her-flower of strength-becuase I feel that while she's a strong and determined person, her heart and soul are fragile and gentle, like a flower. And anyone can clearly see why I chose that quote...Mako is by far the most determined senshi of the inners, at least that's what I think. She is never one to turn down a fight, or to give up on a goal. Mako is a go-getter, and I admire that. She has so much strength, physical and mental, to keep going even when it gets rough, and Mako knows how a rough life can be (being that her parents died and that she's never really been accepted in society). She will never hesitate to tell her friends to "go for it!", becuase Mako feels if you have the right attitude, you can achieve any goal. And Mako will never hesitate to be there for her friends as well. She's very quick to stand up for them, and help them in any way when they need it. Mako is also very talented in her cooking and athetics (ie: ice skating), and she takes great pride in what she does. Mako is one of a kind..and Heck, I wouldn't mind having her as a friend! Ha, I'd have nobody messing with me then! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!......-_-;
Sailor Jupiter

She looks cocky right here...yet kawaii! ^.^

Ahh, Jupiter...such a wonderful fighter. Quick to throw a punch, to toss some lightening, or to drop kick an enemy or two. And is there anything wrong with that? HELLZ NO! KICK THEIR ARSES, JUPITER! I-......*ahem* Ok, so sometimes Jupiter can be a tad un-strategic when it comes to her fighting. But she's not stupid. I see too many sites that make her out to be this brainless jock who just wants to beat somebody up. Total lie. Jupiter has a great physical strength, both in herself and in her why not use it? She doesn't just start attacking at random..she does think. She's certainly not stupid about her fighting. And she knows when to realize her limits. It may take a few hits, but she comes to realize it. Her powers are a great asset, for they're pretty strong. I view Jupiter as sort of the core of the inners..the one to step in when it seems an enemy isn't going to be brought down by fire or ice. And it's always a blast to see Jupiter take out an enemy while spouting plenty of witty remarks ^.~.
**May the stars guide you in your journey**