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Ai no Senshi-Soldier of Love

"The heart is forever inexperienced"-Henry David Thoreau
Aino Minako

Kawaii Minako! She has one of the most cheerful smiles I have ever seen, ne? Artemis looks a tad possesed in this pic though...o.o;

Minako is, in my opinion, the most hilarious of the main characters in BSSM. Many say she has no personality, but I highly disagree.She's funloving, carefree, cheerful, utterly hilarious, spontaneous, and always up for some good clean fun such as shopping or guy chasing (Does Haruka ring a bell?). Minako tries to make every situation fun or happy, always keeping a smile on her face. She does her best to keep her friends from being down as well, which isn't too hard becuase Minako literally lights up a room when she walks in. I believe Minako's sad past as Sailor V (don't worry, I won't ruin what happens for those of you who don't know ^.~) accounts for some of her optimism, as a way to get over it. Minako feels it's always better to look at the best of things, rather than the worst, and to just enjoy life and have fun. While this can lead her into countless mihaps, it's always great fun to watch Minako dig her way out! Minako is also one who dreams of love, of having a "knight is shining armor" come and whisk her away. Even though she hasn't found him, Minako will never stop trying, for she is the soldier of love, and will stop at nothing!
Sailor Venus

Venus Love-Me Chain! I love this picture...I especially love how she's holding her chain, it's awesome!

Sailor Venus is greatly viewed as the leader of the Inner Senshi. I believe this is mainly derived from the manga, becuase in the manga she basically is the leader of the inner senshi. I also believe she holds this title pretty well in the anime as well. Venus is usually the one to lead the senshi to their enemy, to instruct them to protect their princess (a duty one can plainly see Venus is serious about). Her life as Sailor V proves her to be more experienced than the other senshi, giving her an advantage of greater strategy thinking and fighting. She is one who remains strong,and will do almost anything to protect her princess and the ginzuishou...and I mean anything (such as disguising herself as Sailor Moon...-_-).
**May the stars guide you in your journey**