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Tsukino Hime-Princess of the Moon

"I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. We're still princesses. All of us."-A Little Princess
Tsukino Usagi

Kawaii! I love this picture...the outfit, the hair, her expression, everything!

My opinion and respect of Usagi's character is high, mainly becuase she is not perfect. Perfection is something that simply, in reality, just cannot be reached. Usagi's character is so real, with flaws, and everyone has flaws. Not only does Usagi not hide them, but she doesn't try to change them as well (despite becoming at tad more mature by the time she is 16). Usagi is naturally a child at heart, and will not hesitate to act like one. While this can get her in trouble sometimes, it also shows that she's not afraid to have fun. I admire this. All in all, I find Usagi to possess at least one flaw that lies within each of us, whether it is uncoordination, bad study habits, lack of manners, or simply being a crybaby. Her "real" image proves her to be among some of the best leading roles in BSSM. We must admit we all have a little Usagi in all of us! (some more than others -_-*).
Sailor Moon

"Tsukini Kawatte Oshiokyo!"..She looks so pretty like this. I love the super fuku!

DiC really screwed up when they said in their theme song "never running from a real fight, she is the one named sailor moon"....have they ever watched the show? Wait.. that answer is obvious in the way they dubbed it! *mumbles* crazy fools...they shall pay,all of them...*ahem cough* But anyway...Sailor Moon is not what you would always call the bravest senshi. However...this only applies in those very minor situations where she just gets very lazy and scared. Sailor Moon has proven through her love for her friends that she is indeed a strong and brave warrior. Not only has she defeated countless major enemies, but she also has the power of the Ginzuishou, which alone is powerful enough to have defeated Queen Beryl/Metallia, The Death Phantom, and Sailor Galaxia (plus many others). Many argue that Sailor Moon always needs help in her battles. While she did receive help in defeating the major enemies-such as the senshi helping her with Metallia, and Chibiusa with the Death Phantom-it is highly understandable why she needed their help. As seen in the anime, Sailor Moon doesn't always have the confidance in herself that she needs to nurture the power she possesses. One cannot always fight alone, and although she has had to borrow power from her friends, she is still alone a very powerful senshi. Her use of the Ginzuishou, in itself, is proof of that.
Princess/Neo Queen Serenity

Does anyone else want her dress as badly as I do? *.* beautiful..

I found the quote above so fitting for Usagi mainly becuase she seems like such an unlikely princess. But in retrospect, there is no real image of a princess. While Usagi portrays every aspect of a child who just wants to remain a child, she possesses every quality of elegance which is needed to be royalty. Not only is she strikingly beautiful in her royal form, she knows how to carry herself like a true princess...the kind of princess little girls dream to become (I was one of them! -_-*). Like her mother, Princess Serenity becomes the queen of perfect beauty and grace, Neo Queen Serenity. Yes, Princess Serenity is indeed always one of my favorite characters to see (hence the name SerenityMoon...and dammit I want her dress!!!...uh..heh..*sweat drop*).
**May the stars guide you in your journey**