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Layouts Archives

Here are the past layouts I have made throughout the course of TPM's life. I have divided this up into each section of TPM (main, creation, emotion, etc), and have developed a little rating system based on my opinions of each layout. Each layout is from oldest to newest. My comments are also beside them. ^_^ enjoy!
Rating System

*** = kirei! *.* (beautiful! I love it!)
** = sugoi! ^_^ (great, but could use something)
* = shi ne! >.< (DIE!!)

TPM Main Page

Version 1.0
Rating: **
Comments: I like the image and the colors I used for this a lot (my favorite color IS blue), and I like the quote, but the layout is just pretty simple. This was back when I was just learning layouts ^^; But all in all, it's pretty nice.

Version 1.2: Fleeting Glimpse
Rating: *
Comments: BLAAAH!! >.< I loved the picture i used, absolutely love it, but the rest...*shudder* I don't like the border very much, and the whole layout itself came out really fuzzy. I think this layout only stayed up for about 2 weeks...

Version Chrissamassu!
Rating: **
Comments: Well, I like this one...but it's missing some oomph. I love my kawaii lina pic, and the song...but I dunno, it's just lacking something ^^;

Version 1.3: Fate is so Beautiful
Rating: ***
Comments: *.* I put this up around Valentine's day, and it stayed up for about two months. *.* I love it. I love the picture, the little heart/dot border, everything. Lina and Gourry, kawaii! The screen shot may look a bit spotty or blurry..(damn school computers) >.<;; But all in all, I love this layout.

**May the stars guide you in your journey**