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The System

Most fanart sites accept fanart and post it up, ne? Well, I desire to be different (yes, i have to be difficult. is that so wrong? ^.^; ). As any fanart site, I am going to not only choose fanart from various sites (with permission of course), and am also going to accept them. But that's not all. Instead of just posting them up randomly, I have developed my own personal rating system for each fanart i decide to put up. That includes a numerical rating system and my own comments and constructive criticism.

Now for a warning: If you send me fanart, and I decide to put it up, keep in mind that I gain the right to make whatever comments i please about the art, and rate it however i wish. Keep in mind that I'm not going to be cruel (I'm not out to insult anyone's art) and that just becuase I choose not to post your art doesn't mean you're a horrible artist. It just means I chose not to, for one personal reason or another. So if you get a low rating, don't start flaming me about how mean I am; I will include the reason and my own constructive criticism, and you're free to take it however you please. I'm just asking for maturity.

The Ratings

Now for the rating system: However many stars you receive respresents how high or low my opinion is on your art. The more stars you receive, the higher i think of your art (in other words: i really like it ^_^). If you have, say, only one star, it doesn't mean that I hate it. It just means that I find something wrong with it, or that it needs more work. Hell, I give low ratings to my OWN drawings.