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The Process

This is the place for art submission! Below I have few simple rules and instructions. Please read them carefully. Failure to do so will not only cause me to just delete your email, but will make me angry as well (^^).
The Rules and Instructions

Please please please read these carefully. It's very simple to do so.


  • You may submit any art, whether it be from anime (which is the main genre of the site) or not (which will be in a small section of the site).
  • Art may be any style (pencil, ink, color, computer, etc)
  • Art may be either original or copy art (copy art is when you look at a picture and redraw it yourself.) NO TRACING.
  • You may submit hentai, as long as it is not violent or vulgar in nature. I will not post those due to the offense it may cause to others.
  • It must be YOUR art; don't take someone's art and pass it off as your own.
  • You may submit as much art as you like.


  • Email your art to me at
  • Make sure your art is a .gif or .jpg file. I cannot read any others. Do NOT send .bmp (paint) files, becuase they are entirely too big and a hassle to convert. I will simply delete it without regard.
  • If you have a lot of artwork (say, over 3), PLEASE zip it (get winzip) instead of packing my email with huge attachments or fifty emails.
  • In your email, include your: name/screenname/alias/whatever, your site url if you have one, your email ONLY IF you wish it to be displayed, and art description (the character(s), what show it's from, what you used to draw it, if it's a cgi, etc).
  • Keep in mind that i WILL rate the art if posted. If art will not be posted, I will email you back.

    That's it! Simple, ne? If you have any questions, go to the FAQ . Arigato!