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Here are the awards TPM has been given since its opening in April 1999. Some I applied for back when I started the site (and was desperate for awards *sweat drop*). Then I stopped applying, and several kind people gave me awards out of their own judgement. Thanks to all those who have awarded me, I appreciate your critique.

It has been brought to my attention that the award images do not show up when you click on them. I have discovered that gurlpages, in their immense stupidity, has decided to keep all of my image files from being viewed on any page other than one hosted by them. This is one of the reasons I left gurlpages and came to tripod. Becuase I may or may not have these awards saved on my harddrive at home, I am unsure as to whether or not I can still access them at gurlpages and move them here. So until I move them to either here or another place, please just disregard the image link. Gomen for the inconvenience.

**May the stars guide you in your journey**