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Here we are! Frequently Asked Questions...Here you'll find answers to some of the questions you may have in mind. Please do not email me asking something that is answered in the FAQ. I will more than likely ignore it. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  • Can I take the images used on your site?

    ok, hopefully this can be said clearly...

    Images you can take without permission: any images that are NOT used as a webgraphic. An example would be a picture of Usagi in her info page.

    Image you cannot take without permission: any of my layouts, backgrounds, buttons, banners, or miscellaneous webgraphics used on my site. I made them all. Do not take them without my consent. Some of them I may let you use if you email me, but some I flat-out will not. Please respect this issue... I work hard on these images, and try my best to make my site a creative one.

  • Can I take the midis used on your site?

    yep! ^.^ I didn't make those, so go right on ahead!

  • Do you have any other sites?

    yes! I co-own a site called SM Uncensored with my friends Rob and Dan. It compares the original BSSM series with the dub (both DiC and Cloverway). I run the opinions section (bwahahahah), and I make the graphics on the site, as well as other duties.

  • How do you make your graphics?

    I used to make my graphics in Microsoft Paint. I've been told I'm very skilled with it ^_^;;. Now I have access to Adobe Photoshop, so i use that for more complex graphics.

  • Why do you have autostart midis on almost every page? It's annoying!

    Becuase I personally love background music on a site. Some do find it annoying, but some don't, and I'm not here to please all. And, yes, there IS a way to stop the song. I make sure that each midi's controls are displayed for that very reason. Do not ask me to take them down, becuase I will not. If you don't like midis playing, then I suggest you turn them off as they load, or simply turn your volume down.

  • Will you please link my site? I'll link you too!

    -_-;; Ok, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone I don't know emails me asking me to link them. Gomen nasai, but I do not link sites that I (a) know nothing about and (b) may or may not like. I choose the links that go on my link page. If you want to link me, I'm very flattered and appreciative (arigato!!), but please don't try to use this as a trading technique to get me to link your site. If I linked everybody that asked, I would have about 3 pages of links...

  • Will you join my club/webring/clique?

    ARG! NO! I choose what I want to join on my own. Please don't email me asking me to join something. I will simply ignore it (and by the way, I hate webrings..)

  • Do you have ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)?

    I do not have ICQ, but I do have AIM. My screen name is SerenityMoon17, and feel free to IM me!

  • Why don't you like the dub? IT ROCKS!!! AMARA IS SOOO COOOL!!!

    -_-;;; My opinions on the dub are MY opinions, and I plan on keeping them that way. To each his own.

  • Who is chibichibi? Who are the starlights? What is a Princess Halation? Etc, Etc, Etc...

    PLEASE try not to email me with questions about the series, especially such easy-to-find ones as these. There are many, many informative sites out there where you can find this information. Now, if you happen to have a question about perhaps news about the series, or a truly thoughtful question with a hard-to-find answer, then yes, I will probably answer it.

  • Why are you such a bitch?

    Bwa. Bwa I say.

    Well, that's about all I can think to put up as of now! If you have a question NOT listed here, feel free to email it to me, and I'll try my best to answer it. I'll also probably end up posting it here! If you email me with a question on here, I'll either tell you that it's on the faq, or perhaps not reply at all. Ja matta, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

  • **May the stars guide you in your journey**