The Saga of Banner Baka!

Ah, yes. My first flame. I always wondered what this would be like. It's kind of amusing ^.^ Of course, this flame is mild, but no less a flame. I consider anything even remotely insulting to me and my site a flame. I had fun having a little email war with someone I shall call "The Banner Baka".
Now, I must state firsthand that when I post flames (now and in the future), I will not include the flamer's email address, becuase even I believe it is wrong to do so. It only leads to more flaming from other people, and besides, it's just not right to publicly post someone's email addy unless he or she wants it posted. So I shall simply leave it as "Banner Baka".
Note that my personal comments are in bold firebrick font , Banner Baka's emails are in red font , and mine in regular firebrick (what you are viewing now)
And thus, the saga begins:

Banner Baka's first email, which had the subject "Requests I love to make", was somewhat blunt and irritating:
Hey could make me 13 banners?
I, seeing the subject and what she had written, assumed it was a false request, just a game someone was playing with me. This irritated me, I will admit:
hey, could you not waste my time with false requests?

this isn't a false request.

ok it's not a false request, but yet you have no site info (url, site name, etc), no info on pictures, ways you want the banners made, and your email subject just plain implies to me that it is. and 13 banners? umm okkaay

i'm making the sites so whatever?
By this time, not only was I irritated, but confused as well. Did this girl really think I had time to make 13 banners for her, considering the fact that I had no information whatsoever on what she wanted?

ok, what?? look, if you want banners, you are going to have to say more than one sentence.

I want a banner of the stars, cats,sailors, and tux. If thats not 13 or over I want group banners. Do u understand?
This, ladies and gentlemen,is what pushed me over the edge.

I am not here to meet everyone's needs. Especially when they come at me with smartass remarks such as yours. Do not ever demand something of me. This causes me to reject you right away. I refuse to make your banners. Take your business elsewhere. Do YOU understand? Have a nice day.
And here we have the flame!

oh i've taken my buisness else where and you know what that don't treat people like trash and i've told my friends to delete their bookmarks from your site and they have you rude butt munch.
that's got to be one of the longest run-on sentences i've ever seen! Um, butt munch? Ok, I'll just go cry myself to sleep now. -.-;;

"rude butt munch"? ladies and gentlemen, let's give her a point for maturity. *smile* i do believe you are mistaken as to who is the rude one around here. i'm not the one that resorted to childish name calling. i'm not the one that demanded and then used smartass remarks when she didn't get what she wanted. I don't care what you've told your friends. I know it's not true, therefore, I don't care what you and your friends think of me. I have blocked your email address so that this madness will end. Enjoy your life. I know I will.
Ah, the joys of sarcasm. and thus, hopefully the banner baka saga has ended. If not..then I guess i'll just be posting more of her foolishness! ^.^

Yes, I take flame feedback too! ^.^ My comments in bold , his/her comments in red .

Feedback #1~Submitted by Tenjou Utena aka "God-I-hate-the-S-dub" Emma~The Banner Baka Saga

Missy Banner Baka is obviously a crazy person. I'm glad you blocked her e-mail. 13 BANNERS?! Try 2 (or maybe one) at a time and provide INFO! You know, even if she had asked nicely, I still wouldn't have processed her request. 13 banners? I don't have THAT much time. I do other requests, i work on my site, and i'm currenly helping two of my friends with a site the three of us are making (meaning, MORE graphics to make), not to mention other things I have to do. Asking-no, demanding-for 13 banners is ludicrous.

If you were to call 911 and you didn't give any info, what would happen? (Oops, bad analogy.) *sweat drop* not the best analogy, but I get what you're saying ^.^

Anyway, being a purist, I also noticed something. The Sailor Starlights are not to be called "the stars". The stars are what you can count at night if you're bored enough. I noticed that too. She must be a dubbie ^.~

Also, Banner Baka has BAD grammar. "Hey could make me 13 banners". Oh, puh-leeze. My Language Arts teacher would be screaming. I know, like my friend Kainchan said "she sounds like a two year old". I can imagine my 2 year old cousin saying that..

" whatever?" OK, Cher... (From the trashy show Clueless) or SERENA (from the crappy S dub, see any similarities?)! Whatever you, like, say, or some junk? i see the similarity!! cher meets serena....oh the horror!!

Your replies to B.B. (Banner Baka)'s messages are clever and thoughtful. I worship people like you and people like you are my role models, what keeps me going in life. *BLUSH* why thank you! How flattered I am! well, I figure there's no point in stooping as low as her by acting like a yelling idiot. sarcasm and calmness are my ways of fighting back ^.^

"Rude butt munch?" Didn't Beavis and Butt-head use that? Or was it (bleep) munch? Please, if you have third-grader comments to make, go to the third-grader area. (Oh no, I think I'll get flamed for that one.) *cracks up* hey if you get flamed, we'll have even more fun!

Anyway, this ends my reply. Use it on your site, I think it'll be perfect! way ahead of ya

Tenjou Utena (no, really, I'm "God-I-hate-the-S-dub" Emma) 
Love the signature! Thanks for your feedback!

Any comments may be sent to me, Hino Rei .I accept either positive or negative comments, but if you flame me, be warned that I will simply block your email address, and post your humiliation for all to see.

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