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The following are the guidelines I request that you follow when using my webgraphics. Please read these carefully! domo! ^.^


1) If you choose to use one of my graphics, please email me with your url. I just like to know who is using my graphics and how, and this way I can keep up with who is using the guidelines and who isn't. ^.^

2)Please link back to either TPM or AMV if you use any of my webgraphics. You can use a text link or one of the banners/buttons. AMV's banners are below (made by me, do not take them unless you intend to link me with them):

TPM banners can be found here

3) DO NOT direct link to my graphics. Save them to your own computer and upload them to your own web server.

4) DO NOT put any of my webgraphics into your own webgraphics site/collection and pass it off as your own.

5) If you wish to make a request, please follow the request instructions.

6) If you use a requested graphic, please provide credit with my name (SerenityMoon) and a link to TPM or AMV somewhere on your site.

That's it! ^.^ For those who think my guidelines are rediculous and don't want to follow them: Tough. Leave now. These are my graphics that I worked hard on, and I do what I wish with them. They are neither hard nor outrageous guidelines. For those who choose to comply: Thank you very much. ^.^


1) How do you make your graphics?
I used to use Microsoft Paint, so you'll notice some graphics look simpler than others. Now I have access to adobe photoshop, so i use that most of the time.

2) Why do you still use paint? Why not just adobe?
Becuase I find paint very simple to use, and I have been told I am very good with it.

3) Why do you make graphics?
Becuase I love to do it. I find it very fun, and it's always nice to offer something to the SMOC.

4) How do you make banners/buttons/backgrounds/layouts/etc?
>.< Please don't email me asking this question. There are tutorials for this type of question. It's hard to explain how to "make" something that simply involves your creativity. If you don't know the html for a layout, find a tutorial. I will not answer this question if it is sent to me.

4) Do you only make BSSM graphics?
As of now, I only have BSSM webgraphics on my site. However, I WILL be adding graphics from other anime, mainly becuase my anime horizons have greatly been broadened. You can count on Slayers being in there, at least ^_-

5) I emailed you yesterday with a request, and it still isn't filled. Why?
Probably becuase I am a college student with a part time job and a (small but existant) social life. I cannot be expected to pump out graphics request every moment of my waking hour. Usually, I can fill a request within 2-3 days..sometimes overnight. It depends on how busy I am. Also, if you were rude to me in asking, they may also be a reason. Another reason may be if i'm not taking requests at the moment. DO NOT email me with requests if it plainly says on my site i'm not taking any!!

6) Why do I have to send you my url if I'm using a graphic?
See the guidelines.

That sums up the usual questions I find in my inbox. If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to email me with it. I will be happy to try and help you. However, please do not email me with a question already listed here. I'll probably ignore you.

Thank you! and enjoy AMV!

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