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The Palace Links

The title speaks for itself ^.^ You can link me if you choose to do so, or you can go to other great sites! I've taken the liberty of categorizing and describing each link! Please don't email me asking me to link you. I link sites that I choose to link. Thank you. Enjoy the selection!
Link Me

For those who choose to link me, I thank you.

My sister site, run by the sweetest and most open minded person. This is a very lovely and enjoyable site. Full of great opinions, cute, beautiful layouts, and more. So visit it already!

Twin Tower Tragedy


These are great sites I visit regularly...most of these I have bookmarked ^.^

  • Sailor Moon Uncensored -A second site that I co-own with my friends Rob and Dan. A sort of sister site to DBZUncensored, SMU shows the differences between each episode in the BSSM series. Take a look! We worked hard on it ^.~
  • MarioKnight's Bishoujo Online -My friend Danchan's site! Here you can download whole episodes of BSSM from every series! I helped him out by making the graphics... it's a very excellent site, growing in popularity!
  • Shore of the Abyss -My friend Befchan's site about her own character, Fuchi Migiwa. It's an very well done site, with a very interesting story.
  • Belldandy Network -An excellent Anime collective site.-NO LONGER UP. Sadly, Belldandy Network has decided to close down...T.T It's just utterly awesome, and I love it.
  • Glass Rose Distribution -An excellent fansub distro. The young lady who owns it is honest, has great prices and quality, and is an all out nice person.
  • -Wonderful Sailor Moon resource, with a very extensive image gallery.
  • -Very excellent site dedicated to the royal family of BSSM.
  • Sailor Moon Stupid -The home of a hilarious parody radio show of BSSM. It's so damn funny...
  • Sailor Senshi Page - A great site, with extensive info and so much more. And opinions! *.* so many opinions..*drool*
  • The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever -Oooh I love this site. The Amazoness Quartet takes sites nominated for the best and worst, and gives them a full review.
  • Webgraphics/Image Gallery Links

    Here are some great webgrapics links. These sites helped me out greatly when I first started TPM, and their tutorials/graphics helped me figure out how to make my own graphics!

  • The Transparent GIF Gift Shop -An excellent and huge Transparent GIF archive..I go here constantly to use the pics for my webgraphics!
  • Serenitatis -Absolutely wonderful site with nothing but pictures of the greatest couple in all of sailor moon: Usagi and Mamoru. I love this site!!
  • Goddess Goodies -A lovely webgraphics site that was taken down a while back becuase of direct linking, but now it's back!
  • Lycentia's Webgraphics Shop -Also a very good webgraphics shop, with great main page layouts. I'm a regular at Ly's forums!
  • Anime Allusions -Beautiful Sailor Moon/Anime backgrounds!
  • BSSM Coloring Album -An awesome Sailor Moon coloring book site. It has so many images to color yourself.
  • Diana's Devine Designs -Quite possibly the cutest webgraphics I have ever seen. I love Diana's originality!
  • Serenity -Great webgraphics shop with so many beautiful wallpapers and layouts!
  • Miscellaneous/Other Anime Links

    Here are some misc links, to pages I like that aren't BSSM, or pages for other anime, such as Slayers! (drool)

  • -Awesome Slayers resource..has very extensive info each character, the series, the spells, and the Slayers world...
  • Slayers MP3 Horde -An MP3 Archive of every Slayers song ever made *.*
  • Real Life Comics -A hilarious online comic done by the talented Greg Dean. I read this damn thing every day..I love it!
  • The Surburban Jungle -Another great online comic.. starring Tiffany Tiger!
  • Sinfest -Hilarious comic!! I love it.
  • MegaTokyo -An absolutely hilarious deals with anime and roleplaying, and my gods it is funny!! And the art is magnificant!!
  • Credit/Support Links

    Here's where I give credit wherever it's due, or show links that I support ^.^

  • Pic A Day -An excellent service that emails about 3 or 4 Sailor Moon pictures to you every day! It helps in building a nice image collection on your hard drive!
  • Castle in the Sky Sailor Moon -Wonderful place to read SMS Summaries in's awesome, and it's how I got to know all about SMS.
  • Sailor Moon Romance Club -Nifty SM Club I belong to
  • Anipike -A huge anime link collective: general sites, image galleries, multimedia, fansubs, fanfics, fanart,international pages..the list goes on!
  • Lisa's Counting Crows Shrine -Lisa made a TPM Banner for me!
  • Sara's Homepage -Sara made another TPM Banner (which, sadly, I can no longer use becuase I can't change the text). Her site is pretty!
  • Zrana's Sailor Art -Zrana's Fanart page
  • Eternal Sailor Moon Wonderland-Princess Moon's Page! More pretty art..
  • Tsukino Tenshi's Sailor Moon Gallery -More of Tsukino Tenshi's art...
  • Silver Moon Sparkling -Sailor Quark's Page!
  • **May the stars guide you in your journey**