To Believe or Not To Believe...

Do you ever wander into a random sailor moon site, click on the info section, and find information that just makes your eyes go huge and fall out of your chair? Not a day goes by when I don't stumble upon one on a sailor moon site. Sometimes they're careless mistakes brought on by word of mouth...or sometimes their just made up junk that makes you laugh until you cry, trying to fathom how someone can be so stupid. Let me sum this up: There are too many rumors in the sailor moon web community. And here are some of the repeated ones that I am getting tired of:

1) ChibiChibi is Chibiusa's daughter I have seen this so many times, it's not even funny anymore. And who is the mysterious father? Those who think this is true need to do some research. ChibiChibi is Sailor Cosmos in the manga, and Galaxia's starseed in the anime.

2) Chibiusa had ChibiChibi by Elios. I guess that answers my question about the father. Elios does not appear again after the SMSS season. Nor do he and Chibiusa have a sexual relationship (geez, people, what's wrong with you?)

"ME? A grandmother already?! Chibiusa!! How dare you not tell me ChibiChibi was your daughter!"

"Baka Usagi's a grandmother!! *cough ahem* but, really, that's just a stupid rumor!"

3) Chibiusa and Hotaru are lovers, not friends This sickens me beyond belief. This is something made up by some fanfic writers, and I do not understand the thrill in writing about two children who are best friends having sex with eachother. They are best friends, and nothing more. As I said before, "Geez, people, what's wrong with you??"

4) In the SMR movie, Fiore is gay and is in love with Mamoru. Although Fiore seems to be very friendly with Mamoru, he's not gay. Mamoru is Fiore's only friend, and he cherishes him for that.

5) Haruka and Michiru are not gay, they're just really really really close friends. O.o it just me, or are a lot of people in denial about homosexuality? Haruka and Michiru are in love. They are lesbians. yes, lesbians. homosexual. do we comprehend?

6) Haruka is orginally a man, but became a woman as Sailor Uranus This has also been supported by the "Haruka is Prince Uranus" theory...thank you, SOS, for corrupting people with this garbage. Haruka is female. So is Sailor Uranus. Haruka has ALWAYS been a female.

*GASP* Haruka!! You're a man?? And you're not in love with me?!"

"*sweat drop* Michiru, you know better than that...imagine them calling me a man..hmph"

7) Rini (Chibiusa) is in love with Darien (Mamoru) ...Today on the Jerry Spring Show: "I'm in love with my father!"...This is also sick. Chibiusa does flirt with Mamoru, but most of it is when she doesn't even know that he's her father (becuase she is in the past). When she does find out, and returns to be Chibimoon, her flirting is reduced, but she does a little to make Usagi jealous (they fight like sisters). For heaven's sake, she's a child. Let's not have incest here.

8) The Starlights are hermaphrodites ......Today on the Jerry Springer show: "I'm a hermaphrodite, and proud of it! So tell me, Seiya, how long have you been this way?" Lord help me...The Starlights are ORIGINALLY girls, who disguise themselves as guys on earth to find their princess, Kakyuu. When they transform, they become their original selves, females.

(Star Fighter) "Hey, i know I have a crush on Usagi and all, but...I am a woman, really!"

(Star Maker) "I'm confused...we ARE women, right?"

(Star Healer) "Yawn...Bakas..."

9) There is a Sailor Stars Movie No no no no no!! There are 3 Sailor Moon Movies: SMR, SMS, and SMSS. Someone actually emailed me once saying that there was a Sailor Stars movie dubbed in spanish. Um, no.

10) Luna is Princess Kaguya In the SMS movie, Super Sailor Moon transforms Luna into a human so that she can PRETEND to be Princess Kaguya for Kakeru, an astronomer that Luna falls in love with. Her whole motive is to give Kakeru strength by believing in Princess Kaguya. She is NOT really Princess Kaguya! Luna isn't a princess of any kind.

There we have it. The top ten rumors that I have seen way too many times. There are far worse out there, but I have neither the room nor the time to capture them all here. I would like to thank the Dumb Sailor Moon Rumors Page for inspiring me to write this rant. If you would like to see 10 pages of rediculous sailor moon rumors, head on over to that page. You will laugh more than once.

~Written by SerenityMoon, as dictated to Hino Rei

Note: The quotes (next to the graphics and next to the rumors) are not directed to or meant to offend anyone. They were for humor only. Any comments may be sent to me, Hino Rei .I accept either positive or negative comments, but if you flame me, be warned that I will simply block your email address, and post your humiliation for all to see.

Feedback on this rant given by you, the people!

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