Yay! Feedback for the Rumors Rant! I'm so happy ^.^ As usual, my comments in bold!

Feedback #1~Submitted by SailorAngelU~To Believe or Not To Believe

Teacher: OK, class! Today, we're gonna study humor. Who wants to give us a demonstration? Timmy? The girl is creative, isn't she? ^.~

*Timmy stands up* Go to this site. *Points to screen which is showing the Dumb Sailormoon Rumors Page* NO TIMMY! DON'T DO IT!! Don't subject your teacher to these horrors!!

Teacher: OHMIGOD! Those are stupid rumors! Haruka and Michiru got married and had Hotaru and ChibiChibi? That's impossible!!! Timmy! A+ for you! NO NO NO! Haruka and Michiru are FRIENDS! see, Michiru and Pluto got together, and had Hotaru, who in turn had ChibiChibi with Chibiusa!! It all makes sense!!  

I mean, REALLY, anybody who is a true fan of Sailormoon and has researched on the 'Net for a while knows that those rumors just ain't true. You'd think that, wouldn't you? I mean, it's appalling that there are thousands of sites online about BSSM, a lot of which are VERY resourceful,but yet people just don't get it.

Oh yeah, Chibi-Usa and Helios got married? And had ChibiChibi? Don't they know that ChibiChibi is Sailor Galaxia's STARSEED! oy.  Kinda scarey that ChibiChibi has so many different origins. She's everyone's daughter, it seems ^.^ Yes you are certainly right. She's Galaxia's Starseed.

So kids, before you go visit Sailormoon sites, get ready to laugh your butt off. *prays* May the newcomers of BSSM find only the truth.

Feel free to use this! Sailor AngelU (I changed my name coz I like Sailoruranus now.) Arigato, AngelU! Very humorous ^.^ I can always use that!


Feedback #2~Submitted by Starlight Warrior~To Believe or Not To Believe

Hello, my name is Starlight Warrior (yes, the same one that responded to the SMR movie rant, but from a different address). I thought the name sounded familiar!

I must say that you are basically justified in every way for your rant.  why, thank you ^.^

There are a lot more rumors out there than can be counted in an eternity, but there is one thing I wonder about.   Why place all of the blame upon the fanfic writers?  place all the blame? I mentioned fanfics writers once, and that's mainly becuase i've seen that particular rumor only in fanfics. And if you'll notice, I used the word "some", meaning not all.

I am and will probably always be a fanfic writer, and while I'll be among the first to admit that there are a few of us out there who have a little too much time and imagination to go with their hormones (I'll refrain from mentioning names, since my point is made just as clearly without them), that shouldn't give a bad reputation to the rest of us who see fanfics as a way of showing just how much we love the show. again, it's great that you're a fanfic writer. But like I said, and basically as you said, there are some that just write about things that should not be written about.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who have nothing better to do except to amuse themselves by defiling the show with their own perversions.  precisely.

I understand that these writers had no place saying such bizzare things, but if someone is really that clueless about the series, then perhaps it would be better if they gained some additional knowledge before indulging themselves in fanfics.  Well, I do agree with you, but on the other hand, someone may just want to read a good fanfic, and stumble upon some crap about Hotaru making love to Chibiusa.

Anyway, I would just hate to see people's opinions of the pure and decent writers like myself damaged by the reckless lies of those few bad apples. Well, i'm sure people know that not ALL fanfic writers are like that, especially if he or she is a regular fanfic reader.  

   Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback.  I hope that my point has been made clear, while at the same time not offending anyone (excluding of course, those people, who shall remain nameless, that wholely deserved whatever offense they might take from this). No problem! Thanks for sending me one! Hah, I like your last comment...  

Ja ne! Ja ne!

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