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Self Fulfillment: 1/4/02

why can't people make websites for themselves? why can't they just have the happiness of creating? why are self fulfillment, happiness, and creation no longer good enough? i talked to a girl today on AIM. she expressed her distaste for (*shudder* kill it.), but yet told me she was joining their graphics club to gain popularity and a reputation for her graphics.

that kinda disgusted me. why stoop so low as to join something you're against just to gain popularity? why can't people just build sites for themselves? i know for a fact people use her graphics. but she wants more. why is it always more? don't get me wrong. there's nothing wrong with wanting to be known. but whatever happened to advertising (NOT SPAMMING. there's a difference between putting a link in your signature and going: "HEY VISIT MY SITE IT'S DA BOMB!!") in forums, AIM, guestbooks, search engines, other sites, or word of mouth? that's what bob, dan, and i did when we started smu. we did it for fun. and it got big on it's own. people are just too damn impatient, and crave too much status in society.

she showed me her graphics, and they're cute. she could do very well just by doing these things. but, such as humanity, i suppose *Sigh* but as for sites these days. You can hardly go onto a site without being blasted with "SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! RANK ME! HOW GOOD AM I?! LINK ME, DAMMIT, LINK ME!!!!"...*piko piko* "i just wanted to look at your pictures....", the poor victim says. and half the time these sites aren't even worth it. I suppose one can only remember that many good sites out there are still doing it for that one person that counts: themselves. Until next time, ja ne!

~Written by SerenityMoon

Note: The quotes (next to the graphics) are not directed to or meant to offend anyone. They were for humor only. Any comments may be sent to me, SerenityMoon .I accept either positive or negative comments, but if you flame me, be warned that I will simply block your email address, and post your humiliation for all to see.

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