Attack of the SMR Movie Dub

Attack of the SMR Movie Dub
Ah, the Sailor Moon movies. When they first came to North America, I bought all three of the unedited subtitled ones. They are absolutely wonderful. I was in love. Then I found out there would be a dubbed version of all three as well. I thought "interesting...I'd like to see that". Knowing that they would be done by Pioneer instead of DIC, i figured it would be really good. Well I happend to buy the SMR Movie Dub...NOT noticing that it was the edited version (I kick myself for that now). It was the worst piece of crap I've ever in my life seen. Why? Glad you asked..

1) The DIC theme song was used and the opening credits/scenes were changed

2) DIC names were used...I do not have THAT much against the names but..I expected better

3) every bit of music, including background music, was from DIC

4) Brace yourself.."Moon Revenge" was taken out..and replaced with "The Power of Love" could they??

5) Attacks were changed..."Moon Princess Elimination??" "Jupiter Supreme Thunder Crash??" Lord help me...THE ORIGINAL ATTACKS ARE ALREADY IN ENGLISH!!

"Is burning mandela THAT hard to say? IS IT?!?"

6) Usagi sounded like a valley girl ("oooh DARien! it's RAIIIINNing ROOOSEE petals!!") *gag puke*

7) Every..single..bit of dialog..was changed. Everything. Not one bit was left the same.

8) They added americanized phrases ("we know how you love your pizza, Rini!") and cut out such phrases that made reference to homosexuality (Ami talks of how Mamoru is popular with men in the original, and the girls call her a's very humorous...well, in the dub, she talks of how everyone loves him, and they rag on her for having a crush on him O.o..umm okkaayy)

" comment"

9) They made Usako and Mamochan...just friends? Um...hate to tell you this pioneer, but they're in do you think Chibiusa was born?

"Usako and I..just friends? EEHH..."

10) and the mother of them da da dumm..Chibiusa aka Rini saying to Usagi "DO YOUR THING, MOON MOMMA!" Moon momma?? what in the heck? Oh Pioneer, how disappointed I am...

"I don't know.. I just don't know..."

In conclusion...I hated this dub. Even if it is the edited version, this is beyond rediculous. This was worse than the DIC dub (which is bad enough). i detested this movie. I beg you: do not subject yourself to such horror as the edited SMR movie dub. Most of the changes were entirely unnecessary. I just cannot believe Pioneer would sink that low. I really hate to see how the edited SMS and SMSS movie dubs will turn out..

"*sniff* what will they do to us, Haruka?"

*sigh* all that's left now is to wait for the unedited dub and see how THAT is...hopefully, I won't be writing a rant about it.

~Written by SerenityMoon, as dictated to Hino Rei

Note: The quotes (next to the graphics) are not directed to or meant to offend anyone. They were for humor only. Any comments may be sent to me, Hino Rei .I accept either positive or negative comments, but if you flame me, be warned that I will simply block your email address, and post your humiliation for all to see.

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