Ah, feedback! Such a wonderful thing! Here's what you, the viewers, said about my rants and opinions! Did you agree or disagree? read on! (my comments in bold)

Feedback #1~Submitted by AngelP~Attack of the SMR Movie Dub

I totally agree with you, Hino Rei. Hey, I like her already ^.^

My friend bought the movie and, when she came over, brought it with her. We popped it in my VCR, rewound it (she forgot to), and watched it, even those stupid previews. Then, the movie started. (Hi, I'm Serena...) The opening theme was stupid. They actually showed something from the R show, the R movie, the S movie (Outer Senshi, I think), the S show (Moon Spiral Heart Attack), the SuperS movie, and the SuperS show. Doesn't that just tick you off? I mean, why change the opening images to some stuff from SMS? It makes no sense whatsoever

Then...the stupid rose part. (Note how the rose is hardly blooming.) "Forget-me-not," "Huh?" "Forget-me-not. It stands for true love in the language of flowers!" (Serena waits for a kiss.) Darien looks around and we scroll to the inners and Rini spying on Serena. "Ew, Serena's gonna get kissed!" (The spying part is the only funny part in the movie.) Ugh, they ruined one of the funniest parts of the movie by putting that "ew serena's gonna get kissed" crap in there. They're not 7, for heaven's sake! *rubs head* oy

"OOOh, DAHREUN, it's RAININ' ROSE pethuls!" (That's how it seems to be said.) *cracks up* well said

The attacks are REALLY stupid. Evil Spirit Disperse, Moon Princess Elimination, Mars Fire Blast, Supreme Thunder Crash...they're already in English. *applaudes* ahh someone with some sense. where DID they get moon princess elimination from?? THE DIC VAULT OF ATTACKS!

When the movie was over, I told my friend it was good (so I would'nt make her cry. She always does in a time like that.) and popped the tape in the rewinder. But my brain and my heart were saying, "IT STINKS! MEMO TO SELF: DON'T BUY IT!" YES! SOMEONE WAS SAVED!

You can use this comment on your rants page. -Sailor AngelP

Arigato, Angel P, for your comments! I'm glad you took the time to send some feedback! *grins foolishly* ahh my first feedback...hopefully there will be many more, good or bad ^.^


Feedback #2~Submitted by Starlight Warrior~Attack of the SMR Movie Dub

Hello!  My name is Starlight Warrior (well, not my real name of course, but that's not the point).  I don't know why, but I feel like responding to your attack on the SMR movie. When I first read that, I thought it was going to be a flame ^.^ boy, was I wrong

  I agree with everything you say, but I would like to say that, when I ordered the movie off of Amazon.com, I didn't see the term edited listed anywhere. Interesting...once again, a poor innocent person is taken in by the cruel misunderstandings of Pioneer

  Whether it was just an oversight or some deeper plot of Pioneer that we will never understand, this error forced me to witness the absolute SLAUGHTER of what was once a masterpiece of anime.  now THAT is the exact phrase I have been looking for! "slaughter of a masterpiece of anime". And boy, was this movie slaughtered.

Needless to say, I was severely disappointed.  The SMR dubbed version made everything that DIC did look trivial.  Plus, this may have just been me, but Mercury's voice sounded different somehow, which deeply upset, since, although a lot of people don't like her voice, I thought it was just fine the way it was (especially since I'm a Mercury fan).  Woohoo a Mercury fan! ^.~ You know, I noticed that too! Her voice did seem different...I love Sailor Mercury, and although her DIC voice was a bit british, this Pioneer voice sounded a bit worse.

On top of that, I do not look forward to seeing what atrocities will be committed to the S and SuperS movies (though I'll probably buy them anyway out of curiousity).  ooh atrocities! How I love your vocabulary! ^.^ And yes, I will end up buying them out of curiousity too. I must see what injustices will be commited to the poor outer senshi.

Not only will they most likely edit Haruka and Michiru's relationship (which, I admit, is a little disturbing), but they'll find some stupid cover for Luna's relationship with Kakeru, which is the core of the S movie. *bows head* my God help us all...Hm, maybe Luna will be *gasp* good friends with Kakeru! hey, they did it with mamochan and usako!

One more thing:  Did you notice that the subtitled version of SMR was for ages 13+, while the dubbed version was for 3+?!?!?!?!  something I didn't understand..why on earth did they even make a version for 3+?? The sub was absolutely excellent, heck why even make a dub?? *sigh* for those who just refuse to watch subtitles...

Well, anyway, just thought I'd put in my two cents.

Ja ne!

Starlight Warrior

Arigato for your two cents, Starlight Warrior! I agreed with so much of it ^.^


Feedback #3~Submitted by Sabrina-Chan~Attack of the SMR Movie Dub

Okay I agree with you on most of rants Hino Rei ^.^ i just love hearing that

I thought the Movie was ruined by Pioneer. I mean Darien and Serena...Friend? Hello! Moon Kingdom to Pioneer! Haven't you seen the show at all!! THEY ARE IN L-O-V-E!!! ::sigh:: *cracks up* ya gotta love the "moon kingdom to pioneer thing"...you're absolutely right. It should be mandatory that these people actually know the story line of BSSM before they dub a movie about it. But I guess to their logic, good friends happen to produce offspring more often than lovers...

Then when they changed the beginning "Hi I'm Serena. I'm just a normal teenager who just happens to own the worlds most powerful compact." It's so stupid it's almost kinda funny. It's like so childish! for some odd reason, when she says "compact", i think of makeup...*ahem* that indeed sounds extremely childish

I also hated how they changed the part where the scouts and Rini were spying on Serena and Darien. My favorite part in that was when Ami said "This is Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad." didn't that just really make you mad?! that was one of the most hilarious parts of the movie. How can they turn something so hilarious as what Amichan said, into something so teacherish as "Spying is really wrong you guys." Oy..give me strength

Then when Serena said "It's raining rose petals!" like ew! Can we say "Valley Girl!" *cracks up* Hello, I'm like, Serena *giggle* and I like just totally have this really good friend named darien who like *giggles* is so totally hot!! *gag barf puke*

*ahem cough* Reichan, i resent that

hey hey i didn't do it, pioneer did

I hated how they changed the attacks. I mean they were already dubbed! Either use the dubbed ones or the original ones. Don't mix them. I had to explain to a 5-year-old who is just starting to enjoy Sailor Moon, why the attacks were different. That poor child....I guess pioneer thinks that's logical...O.o

The only rant I kinda disagree with you is with the "Moon Revenge" part. When me and my friend Jeanne-chan were watching it and saw that they had changed it, Jeanne-chan got really upset and so did I. But we did think that of all the DIC songs, "power of love" was the best choice. Plus it also happens to be my favorite song! I knew this would come up sooner or later...Let me just say that I happen to love the song "The Power of Love"...I just happen to love "Moon Revenge" more..See, I just don't think it was right to even change the song in the first place and replace it with a DIC song...However, I am somewhat glad they chose "The Power of Love" over some idiotic new song they decided to write themselves in 15 minutes...

But you were totally right about all your other rants. I just hope they don't destroy the other movies like they did this one! I pray with you

JA NE! ~Sabrina-chan~

Arigato for your comments, Sabrina chan! I also thank you for disagreeing about something...gave me a challenge ^.~


Feedback #4~Submitted by Jeanne-Chan~Attack of the SMR Movie Dub

Alright Hino Rei Now for a piece of mind of a very stubborn writer. :-) I wonder if she's as stubborn as I am? *grin*

wait! Who am I talking about here? ehh well anyway my name is Jeanne-chan (as mentioned in Sabrina-Chan dear friend of mine's letter) Ah! now that I know her name...

Well anyhow I wish to rant and rave about the SMR dub. and her purpose as well...knock yourself out jeanne-chan!

FIRST OF ALL, although power of love is one of the coolest DiC songs well, when power of love came on (we were in my basement) I went into the room where the heater is and I hit it really hard. After words I went to the freazer and got out some frozen peas. Yes, that's a good way to vent your anger...I beat up my friend's pillow. As I said before, I love "The Power of Love" as well..but was it really necessary?

I was also highly upset with the "her best friend" part apparantly, pioneer and DIC think children can't handle the concept of love

and THE  MOON MOMMA THING WAS JUST TOO MUCH! It was so stupid it was funny. (Sorry Chibi-Usa) I was more appalled than amused, but now that you mention it, it's amusing that they came up with something so incredibly dumb as that

and the saddest part in all this is that I am gonna go buy the other 2 anyhow! POOR NEPTUNE AND URANUS! And if they change it how are they going to huh? like what can they cut out? yes, I'm going to end up buying them too. it's a curiousity thing. ^.^ i guess i like subjecting myself to rage. And i'll tell you exactly what they'll change:

The outer's names (nerissa, celia, and alex, here we come!!)

they're attacks (earth quake shaking blast!! Time scream blaster!)

Such comments as: (Michiru to Haruka)"There are so many more things to do as an adult" (Haruka) "*blush* cough ahem"

yes, plenty will be changed

Although maybe this will prove to them that the two can be in the show without much bad stuff. OH AND what about in SS the song when the kids are going though the city! First what can they replase it with? ANd if they just take it out the kids mouths will be moving but they won't be talking. *laughs* oh! maybe they'll exchange it with some idiotic song they decide to write themselves, rather than logically translating the song to fit the melody!! there ya go!

Well me gotta go. Thanks for listing to me Miss Rei! Ja Ne! Jeanne-chan Thanks for your response, Jeanne-chan! I , like you, can't wait to see what horror they will add to the SMS and SMSS movies. I guess we'll have to wait and see! (betcha 5 bucks i'll be writing a rant about it!)


Feedback #5~Submitted by KiwiGurl203~Attack of the SMR Movie Dub

I hated the SMR movie. The just killed it! I also have the three real (japanese sub-titled) movies. The worst one for me was when the put in "the power of love" That killed the movie.

Short and sweet, ne? well, they not only killed it, but they showed children around the world that THIS is what Sailor Moon is all about...when it isn't. *sigh* damn those corporate dubbers..thanks, KiwiGurl!

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