Feedback on the horrible injustice done to the SMS movie! Who agreed or disagreed? read on!

Feedback #1~Submitted by MysticShell~NOOO!! SUPER MOON CRISIS POWER?!

WHY GOD????????? My guess is she's agreeing with my rant

*deep breath* okay, i haven't seen the dubbed super movie [and i don't plan to] but i felt i had to respond. i live in the united states, but i refuse to watch sailor moon on cartoon network, because i hate the dub. good! someone who doesn't plan to waste their money on this horrible movie.

of course with out it, i would have had no exposure to sailor moon, but since i started getting the subtitled episodes on tapes, i can no longer bring myself to watch the dub. not to be rude to those who like the dub..but i've noticed that whenever a "non-dubbie" says they don't like it, a "dubbie" always brings up the fact that "DiC brought sailor moon to you!! appreciate it!" mystic is saying, while i DO appreciate that it introduced me to sailor moon, i do NOT appreciate what they did to it. I completely agree, mystic.

I wrote a review on my page of the smr movie, not very extensive, but one nonetheless and i dreaded what they would do to the sms movie and any future seasons they plan to dub. haruka and michiru are two of my favorite characters and i would hate to see their love destroyed [i formed a club to that effect]. Oh yes. Destroying Haruka and Michiru's love is just..wrong. HOWEVER...I would much rather they make them good friends than..*shudder* SISTERS! AIIII NOOOO!!

Oh dear God not sisters..Michiru can't be my sister SHE JUST CAN'T!!!

Even little things like their voices- I love hearing usagi's cute albeit high pitched voice, but i can't stand any of serena's. and since i love ogata megumi-san's voice, i definitely didn't want to her a dub of sailor uranus. Usagi has the cutest voice ever. and if you are a big fan of Haruka and Michiru..NEVER NEVER listen to their dub voices..*shudder* Haruka's original voice is PERFECT for her!

it's little things like that and the changing of the attacks, which are already in english for goodness sake, that really make me upset. as I said before in the SMR rant..IS BURNING MANDELA THAT HARD TO SAY?! IS IT?! I mean come on!! Mars celestial fire surround!?? I think they enjoy coming up with crappy names.

anime is an art form, and the one this i hate above any is the destruction of another's art work. i would hate to see my own creations mangled in this manner. now THAT was a good insight. It's like going into an art museum and destroying Van Gogh's Starry Night (which happens to be my fave painting)

*sigh* can't they just leave well enough alone? Maybe they just like to make us miserable

thanks for listening!

mysticshell Anytime! Thanks for your feedback...I just loved the art form thing...^.^ and keep watching those subs!!


Feedback #2~Submitted by Alissa~NOOO!! SUPER MOON CRISIS POWER?!

*Gasps for breath after screaming in rage for five minutes.* *hands you a paper bag for when you start hyperventilating*

I didn't expect the dub to be nearly as good as the original, but from what I've heard and what I've read from you, it's worse than I thought. Ah, I know how you feel. I didn't expect it to be that bad either.

Well, I didn't expect them to really get any of the music or dialogue right. As for the names, come on? They could if they are going to keep the originals, they could at least get them right. well, since they can never get the music or dialog right anyway, I expected that too. As for the names...*shudder* Japanese names are not that hard to pronounce!!

I've heard a couple of clips, but it was only the outers transformation and attack. Your right, the VA's are horrible! Oh dear God not their transformations...

I could barely understand poor Haruka, and Setsuna sounded my age! (May I point out that I am 14.) Michiru is the same VA as Serena's mother? Gah! Yes, Dear Setsuna, who is clearly an adult, sounded like she was 14 or 15 (no offense to you, being 14). And Michiru...what were they thinking ?!

Super Moon Crisis Power? That could at least say "Moon Crisis Power." Exactly. If they absolutely HAD to add "moon" to it, they could have at least left out the super. geez.

Uranus World Shaking and Neptune Deep Submerge aren't as bad as I expected. I was waiting for "Neptune Tidal Wave Splash" and "Uranus Earthquake Blast." Pluto Deadly Scream isn't that bad either...but SHE ISN'T SUPPOSED TO YELL LIKE THIS. That is what makes the attack sooo cool. Right, I'm also glad they didn't change World Shaking and Deep Submerge too much. As for Dead Scream...they completely ruined that by making her scream it in that damn voice of hers.

I heard the snow dancers. To me they sound like drunken ninja Chihuahuas. It gave me such a headache. CAN'T...STOP...LAUGHING!! *cracks up*

I didn't think about what would happen with Luna's voice. But now that you mention it, it's going to be horrible seeing human Luna talk like an English nanny! Just imagine this scene: Kakeru says "Who are you?" Luna, in her English nanny voice, responds with "I'm princess KaGOOya" it stop make it stop.

"Star Flakes, part of a balanced breakfast!" Enough said. *sings* "Eat your star flakes everyday, and with Luna you can play!! Star Flakes! Get a free Kagooya keychain every time!".....ok i'm sane now..really, i am...*sweat drop*

MiniMoon? MiniMoon? Bah! I hoped they would keep ChibiMoon, I really did... oh no! Chibi is far too hard for 5 year olds to pronounce!!

BTW, where did you find these clips? The ones I heard were on a message board where a friend posted them... The url is on the SMS Movie rant page....but I still have those horrid clips saved on my hard drive..for when I need to scare myself or just laugh hysterically

~Alissa thanks, alissa!


Feedback #3~Submitted by Sabrina-chan~NOOO!! SUPER MOON CRISIS POWER?!

Okay Hino Rei! Ok, feedback person!!

This is Sabrina-chan! And I'm back for more rants!! I welcome you

I have now just bought the SMS movie...and All I have to say is...WHY????? Becuase they love to make us miserable

I mean I LOVED the subtitled version...Why did they have to ruin a good thing! As Starlight Warrior said: we just "witnessed the absolute SLAUGHTER of what was once a masterpiece of anime." Starlight Warrior's going to be famous for that quote...but it's so true!

When Uranus transforms or does her attacks you can't understand half of it!! Either they find someone else to do her voice or slow it down!! Or when she did her introduction speech...*ahem* and i quote: "BORNBYTHENEWETHICI'MSAILORURANUSANDIGUARDANDPROTECTTHISPLANET" she's saying is: "Born by the new ethic, I'm Sailor Uranus and I guard and protect this planet". Ok I find a couple of things wrong with this.

a) Sailor Uranus's speech in the SMS is actually: "Invited by the new era, Sailor Uranus, fights for magnificance". hello? where did they get ethic?

b) The pronunciation of her name. It's not "your anus", Optimum.

c) Guard and protect the planet?! I don't believe i've ever heard Uranus say that in one of her speeches. What was wrong with keeping the magnificance part? *sigh*

Plus they changed Pluto's voice!! COME ON!! I mean DIC already had a voice for Pluto!! They don't need a new one!! She sounds like she's Usagi's age!! I didn't understand that either..and the first pluto voice was a lot better than the second one..*shudder*

And while watching the movie for a second time...I believe I heard 2 different pronunciation of Kaguya!! That's really pitiful!! Good Gods, you watched it twice? *shudder*

Then there is the snowdancers!! They sound Like Xena when she's attacking!! Every time I heard them I think Xena's going to appear!! (I'm a very big Xena fan!) *spits out her tea and cracks up* Xena: Warrior Snowdancer!!!

Then there is Chibi-Usa...Where in the world did they get MINI MOON!! Why does everything with Chibi-Usa have to end with "i" I mean Rini, Mini Enough with the "i"s PLEASE!! I never understood it myself. Mini moon is just awful. I would have preferred "little moon"

There were a couple of parts of the movie that they do good on...The attacks were a little better...Except with Supreme Thunder Crash...That could use a little work on.The ending, I have to admit, was very sweet!!! That was sooooo CUTE when Artemis said: "I'll always be here for you Luna Because I'm your soulmate"...I nearly cried!! That was really sweet!! I will never ever understand why DIC feels they have to add some sort of onomoetopeia to the ending of every attack (ie: crash, blast). Yes, the ending is cute. However, in the original, Artemis says to Luna "I'll always be at your side", and Luna sobs and yells "Aretemisu!!!". Very cute.

Well, That's all for this movie...I'm in fear on what they might do to the next movie...I just pray that they get the message and attempt to do better! I pray that maybe everybody who is against these movies won't go out and buy it...I mean, what's the point? Do people like making themselves miserable?

Ja for Now!
~Sabrina-chan~ Ja, Sabrinachan! And Thanks for your feedback. I'm sure I'll hear from you again ^.^


Feedback #4~Submitted by DixieGrl34~NOOO!! SUPER MOON CRISIS POWER?!

hehehehehe lovely poster... Isn't it though? I should have her make more

God that is HORRIBLE what they have done!!! Indeed very horrible. Arigato, DixieGrl34, for a short yet sweet feedback.

Note: Soon after I replied to DixieGrl, she sent me another email:

I was brave and downloaded the movie clips...and I'm still shaking! You brave soul, you.

Uranus's voice is horrid! And Neptune sounds ridiculous, I can't believe they used Usagi's Mom! And you know the sad thing? The fact that it was Serena's mom used for the part. What's next? Haruna's voice for Hotaru? Thanks for your second reply!


Feedback #5~Submitted by Jeanne Chan~NOOO!! SUPER MOON CRISIS POWER?!

~blink...blink blink...blink~ umm yeah...I just listened to the sound clips from the Sailor Moon S movie... My reaction was more like: "OH DEAR GOD NO OH MY GOD WHY...NOO SETSUNA!!!!"

Alright well on with it then. AHH Wait! THE SNOW DANCERS ARE AFTER MEE!!!...oh I'm sorry my neighbor's dog just had puppys. *cracks up* "mommy mommy can I keep it?"

Oh here's another thing that I thought of when I was listing to the clips, Luna human=Angela Landsbury so that was just disturbing. definitely distrubing *imagines Human Luna on Murder, she wrote, then imagines her as a certain disney teapot* OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!!

Another thing, Outer Senshi now = Vally girls.
Like I'm like Sailor Neptune or some junk
An Like Hellooooo I'm like Sailor Uranus
Dude I like am the keeper of time and like I'm Sailor Pluto! OH MY GOD *cracks up for about 10 minutes straight* and the sad thing is, is that it's true!! *gasp pant* woooooo ok, i'm ok

Sad sad world. Umm so Sabrina-chan is going to let me watch her tape and she said not to watch it in the basement again. (if you have read my first rant you will understand) She things I might really hurt my hand or wrist this time. So I'll watch it in the safety of my own bedroom where I have nice soft stuffed animals to beat up. Try not to punch a hole through the wall

I'm sure I will have a longer rant after seeing the whole thing. Ja ne till then people!  

Jeanne-chan Arigato, Jeannechan! and may the moon goddess be with you as you witness this horror of valley girl madness


Feedback #6~Submitted by Quatre Fangirl~NOOO!! SUPER MOON CRISIS POWER?!

*spits out lemonade* *Hands you a napkin*

Why did I buy this? I subjected myself to the horror of the S movie dub. (I bought the VHS movie for $9.99 at Suncoast. What came over me?!) And I couldn't believe my ears and eyes. Insanity, my friend. That's what came over me when I bought the SMR movie dub.

Firstly, the VOICES. My God! Flakes, valley girls, and SERENA'S MOM?! Yes, the attack of valley girls. Like, *giggle* I wanna be a sailor scout! *tosses hair and cracks gum*

Second off, the sugar stars. STAR FLAKES?! What kind of prize is inside? A Sailor Uranus doll that yells, "URANUSSSSSSSS WOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLD SHAKING!!"? Better yet, one that yells: "YOUR ANUS WOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRLLLLLLLDD *voice cracks* SHAKING!". oooh i want one *digs through her cereal box*

Thirdly, the pronunciations. Kikeru? I swear I heard Kikeru. Himmyko? (I'm phonetically speaking here) KaGOOya? Holy Quatre. I can't believe it. The pronunciations were quite twisted, ne? Especially KaGOOya *shudder*

Fourth, the ending song and visuals.'re boring me. All it was was a moon flying around a black screen and a horrible song that Britney Spears could re-do perfectly. Wait wait this is new to me..they took OUT moonlight destiny and the ending with the cats and Usagi and Mamoru?.....*ahem* excuse me for a second....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!.....ok i'm sane again

Fifth, the opening. The dub song was used and so was the random batch of clips from each movie. Okey dokey...remember the Japanese opening? SO COOL! But the dub? Yuck. *shudder* It's idiotic to use clips from other productions for a totally different's like showing the previews for "Air Force One" But showing clips from "Scream"

Sixth, funerals for the Outers and Mini Moon. Funeral services for Ten'ou Haruka, Kaioh Michiru, and Meiou Setsuna will be held Friday at 3:00...sorry. *puts on a black veil and bows her head* May they rest in peace...

Mini Moon? What an Austin Powers reference! Moon: Come, Mini Moon! Mini Moon: EEEEE! Moon: SHUT UP!! CAN'T..STOP..LAUGHING....  

Well, that's all I have to say. Have fun making yourselves regurgitate!!

-Quatre Fangirl Thank you for your feedback, Quatre Fangirl! you're simply too witty for words.

If you would like to send comments about any of SerenityMoon's rants, contact me, Hino Rei, and I will put them up as quick as I get them! They can be positive or negative, doesn't matter...but keep them intelligent. No pages full of cursing and stuff. Let's stay intelligent, ok? ~Hino Rei


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