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Updates and News

Ah, updates. The place i'm hoping to post a lot on ^_^;; On here, you'll find changes I've done, or things I've added to my site. You'll also find any news about happenings in the BSSM/Anime world. Any news that I feel important enough to post, I will post here!

  • 9/27/01: Important update. i'm moving into an apartment tomorrow, and becuase I live in hicksville, USA, my phone service will take a long time to be installed. It could take days, weeks, or even a month, becuase these idiots are too stupid to figure out that it shouldn't take more than 2 days. So this means: no internet until it's installed. T.T i know, sad. I can go online occasionally at school and at derek's, but updating will be hard. I've pretty much finished the fanart site, but I have to add a lot of art to it, so that will be time consuming. Try to be patient!

  • 9/3/01: Back from boston...working on the fanart and webgraphics still. I'm open for requests again! ^_^

  • 8/19/01: my 19th birthday, and i'm going to boston until aug. 27. no requests, please!

  • 7/23/01: New layout! Isn't it gorgeous? Special thanks to namichan (joanime) for helping tremendously with it. I'm rebuiding the fanart section as we speak, so that's soon to come! Also check out the notice in my awards section, and the slayers banners in amv!

  • 7/5/01: Important Notice in my Win Awards section. New banners in amv . 20,000 hits! Huzzah! Check out this awesome award my good friend DMSCV made for me. Arigato!

  • 5/25/01: Added a new section to Diversion: Stuffs! Go check it out! ^_^ and my springuu layout is still up...more updates to come!

  • 4/10/01: Springuu layout! ^__^ I've been too busy to update lately, but school should be out soon! huzzah! So expect new webgraphics and such! (layouts!).

  • 1/14/01: Back from Boston, requests and awards open again. New main layout and creation layout!

  • 12/26/00: I will be in Boston from Dec. 27th to Jan 13th, so please don't email me about requests or awards starting on the 27th. I will delete any emails without regard. Thanks.

  • 12/1/00: I'm back from vacation! Feel free to email me again! I'm in the process of making layouts for the webgraphics section, so expect some new graphics soon!

  • 11/20/00: I will be in boston with my derekchan from Tues (11/21) to Sun (11/26) for thanksgiving break. PLEASE DO NOT send me award applications or webgraphics reqeusts. If I find any, I will delete them without regard when I get back. Thank you!

  • 10/26/00: TPM is now up on a new server, Tripod!! And not only that..but it's completely redone as well, with all new layouts and sections! Although several parts of this site are not finished yet, I hope to have them completed very soon. I'm now in college, and I have a job as well, so I won't have nearly as much time on the computer to work on TPM. But rest assured, TPM will not be left undone.
  • **May the stars guide you in your journey**