Guestbook Wars: The Continuing Battle...

Guestbook Wars
"Your page is awful!! You're awful!! Drop dead! bwahahaha!!!"

It's an everyday're at a nice sailor moon site, happily flipping through the rooms, when you decide to sign the guestbook. You go to view your entry and...battling, angry entries jump out in your face. I don't know about anyone else, but I think there's nothing worse you can find in a guestbook than an ongoing war. It starts out so simple...someone who doesn't like the webmaster or his/her page (or who is just plain bored) decides to totally flame and insult in the guestbook. Such an example is what someone left in my own guestbook:

Your site is dumb! Ha, I have the best sailor moon site and that's all there is to it. I love myselve. Everything of mine is better than yours. So beware, little person. Ha ha ha! I think it's time to call the dumb little person killer! (note: I will not include her name and email here, becuase i want no flaming going on. I will proceed to delete her message after this rant is written)

She then proceeded to sign again, saying she was cool enough to come back. O.o (don't ask me the logic in that, becuase i honestly do not know). But what really got to me, is the fact that she claimed her site was better, but her url didn't work! Can we say baka? Then another person comes to this guestbook, and horror of horrors, sees what miss baka said about The Palace of Moonlight! *GASP* well, revenge is in need here! Let's just post a little response...then lo and behold, miss baka responds to THAT post in the dreambook! we then have what i call A Full-Fledged Guestbook War.

"Her page is not awful!! YOU SUCK!! BAKA!! BWAHAHAHA"

I haven't a problem with people posting constructive criticism in my book. Sure, go ahead. I may need it. But to just stupidly insult me when they don't even know me...that's just plain immature and uncalled for. People, if you don't have something remotely intelligent to say in my guestbook, don't even bother signing it. They are strictly for comments that are meant to compliment or criticize. By criticism, i do not mean insults and idiotic, childish comments. I do not care if you like my site. I do not care if you like me. But do not insult me when you don't know me. Arigato and have a nice day.

~Written by SerenityMoon, as dictated to Hino Rei


Note: The quotes (next to the graphics) are not directed to or meant to offend anyone. They were for humor only. Any comments may be sent to me, Hino Rei .I accept either positive or negative comments, but if you flame me, be warned that I will simply block your email address, and post your humiliation for all to see.

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