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Many people don't find the exact graphic they have in mind on my site or that's what this is for! If you have a graphic in mind, but you don't know how to make it, or you don't have the time, simply email a request and I will try to fulfill it as best as I can! Follow these simple instructions, and you should have the graphic you want within a day or two:

(1) Email me and please make the subject "Banner/Layout/Button/Background request."

(2) Include your email address, the name of your site, and your url.

(3) Include any specifics you want, such as colors, pictures, or just a general idea. If you want a specific picture put on it, please attach the picture you want. I should be able to finish your banner within 2 days or so (depending on the number of requests, the type of graphic you ask for, and the amount of work I have. I am a college student with a part time job and a boyfriend!).

(4) Above all, please be courteous and ask. There is not much I hate more than someone who emails me demanding a webgraphic ("Hey, make this for me" "Yo, I want a graphic"). Saying please is all I ask, and it's not that difficult. Thank you.

That's all there is to it! If you're not satisfied with your graphic, I'll make you a new one if you like, or if not, whatever ^_^ Thank you!


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